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Land Acquisition and Annexation (pdf) (HTML)

The Bradley School district was annexed by Alex in 1990 and the school board was dissolved.

The Bradley Alumni Association holds annual reunions from the 1-3 of October in Lindsay.

Bradley Dragons

Bradley School, built 1905, Class of 1905-1906 Bradley School, Class of 1906-1907 Bradley School, 1907-1939


Gertrude Keeler's Diploma, Class of 1927 Basketball Team, Class of 1930 Bradley School, Class of 1935, Grades 1-8


Bradley Dragons Bumper Sticker

The Bradley Dragon mascot was drawn by Charles Leroy "Chesty" Guest in the 1930s.  The dragon was chosen because it had a long body and tail that would accommodate our moniker.


Only one other school in the United States has a dragon for its mascot and that is Collierville High School in Collierville, Tennessee where the mascot is known as "Blister the Dragon."  St. George's Independent School (est. 1959) in Middletown, Rhode Island originally used the dragon, but changed its mascot to the Gryphon, to distinguish it from Collierville where they opened a new school in 2001.


Bradley School, built 1940 Bradley School Building back view Bradley School Playground
Ira J Mann's Diploma, Class of 1940 Ira J Mann's Diploma, Class of 1944 Ira J Mann's Graduation Announcement, Class of 1944


The Bradley school circulated a free newsletter called the Bradley Dragon.  The high school students typed it and sent the cover to the grade school children to color it.

Newsletter 1  (pdf) (HTML)

Newsletter 2  (pdf) (HTML)

Newsletter 3  (pdf) (HTML)

Photo Credits/Sources/Acknowledgments


Photos courtesy of Ira J and Claudia Mann: Class of 1906-1907, Gertrude Keeler's Diploma, Class of 1930 Basketball Team, Class of 1935, Ira J Mann Diplomas and Graduation Announcement.

Photos courtesy of Bob Badertscher: 1905-1906 School and 1907 School (2-story).

Modern photos taken by Webmaster.

Bradley Dragon Bumper Sticker courtesy of Donna Thornburg.

Bradley Dragon Newsletters courtesy of Ira J Mann.

Information on mascot given by Ira J Mann during an interview conducted April 22, 2006.

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