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Bradley Cemetery

Bradley Cemetery

and the
Cemetery Association


Articles of Incorporation (pdf) (HTML)


The cemetery is located at the corner of Main and N2790. 


Burial plots are free of charge to residents, former residents, and to those who have family buried there.


Revenue from the cemetery's oil well is invested in cds and used to pay for maintenance.


Annual meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday in April 6:00pm at the First Baptist Church.

Bradley Cemetery Regulations


In order to keep our cemetery attractive, the cemetery board has adopted the following regulations on April 6, 1999 and April 16, 2004.


The following is not permitted:


1.  The planting of trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges or flowers.


2.  The building of fences and or borders around grave sites.


3.  Removal of flowers from any lot except ones own.


4.  Families should contact the cemetery board:


    a.  Before the setting of markers, monuments, memorial and reflection benches.


    b.  Before the opening of any grave or selection of a grave site.


We are aware that trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges, flowers, rose bushes, fences, stone borders, etc exist in the cemetery.  However, they were placed there many years ago before the Association acquired it.  Three headstones are hidden behind two juniper trees and one was completely covered by an old rose bush that had to be destroyed to uncover it.  We therefore decided that the only way to prevent this from happening in the future was to cease the activity.  These rules exist to make the cemetery as easy to maintain as possible so please do not argue with them.




10 days after memorial day, flowers on the ground will be picked up


Donations may be mailed to:


Bradley Cemetery Association

P.O. Box 92

Bradley, OK  73011

Future Plans


Future plans for the cemetery expected to take place this summer are:


1) Investigate a method of protecting against soil erosion on the west side so a fence can be built there.  Building a retaining wall has been suggested. 


Board Members


The Bradley Cemetery Association has five directors, each of which serves five years in staggered terms.


Ira J. Mann, Jr., President (405) 462-7437


Charles "Sonny" Mitchusson, Vice President (405) 462-7335


Barbara Mitchusson, Secretary/Treasurer (405) 785-9913


Merlen Robertson, Senior Member (405) 462-7328


Harold Sinclair, Junior Member (405) 462-7589



Alan Dale Havens and Juanita Harrington (Havens) are contracted with the Cemetery Association to maintain the Bradley Cemetery.

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