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Water Wells

Water Department

Grady County Rural Water District #3


Articles of Incorporation (pdf) (HTML)

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Water Board Rules and Regulations Water Line Map


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Water treatment method

Maximum allowable amount of chlorine and carbon is dumped into the wells.

Treatment schedule is not disclosed to water customers.

Current water index from precipitation.

Washita River Flood Watch

Flood Zone Map

The water board meets on the first Monday after the 10th of every month.


7:00pm at the Community Building

322 McKee Street
(405) 462-7511

Fax: (405) 462-7595

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Water meters are read on or around the 25th of every month.

Water bill payments are accepted on the 1st Monday of every month at the Community Building or send check in the mail to:

Grady County RWD#3
P.O. Box 87
Bradley, OK  73011-0087

Water deposit is $135.  Bills are due on the 1st and must be paid by the 10th to avoid a $5.00 late fee.

Service will be disconnected on the 15th and $25.00 will be charged for restoration.

A new water meter costs $130.00.

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Solid Waste Management

IESI of Oklahoma holds a contract with the Town Board of Trustees for trash removal.  The cost of trash removal is $8.89, plus the poly cart rental fee of $1.21 which comes to $10.10 per month.  The Town of Bradley adds a $1.00 processing fee to each bill, bringing the total to $11.10.  Each additional poly cart costs $7.00.  Commercial dumpsters are $46.00 each.  If a poly cart is damaged for any reason, the company will replace it free of charge.  Payment for this service and the poly cart rental fee is included on the water bill at the base rate of $11.10+ the cost of additional poly carts, if any.  Payment is collected by the water department and forwarded to the town clerk, who then sends the money to IESI.  Trash is collected every Tuesday.  To order carts or to report damage, please contact IESI at their Chickasha office below.

View contract (pdf) (HTML)

IESI of Oklahoma
(405) 222-4746, Chickasha office
(940) 592-5050 Texas headquarters

Dwayne Pomelkin, Municipal Sales Representative
Mike Thrash, Residential Operations

Water Board Members

Truman Brown, Chairman (405) 756-7686

Becky Thomas, Secretary (405) 462-7554

Terry Mainka, Member (405) 462-7459


Alan Dale Havens, in charge of maintenance and meter reading

Juanita Harrington (Havens), in charge of administrative records and bill collection

State Agencies

Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Ken Morris
3800 N Classen
Oklahoma City, OK  73118
(405) 530-8800; Fax: (405) 530-8900


Regulates private water well usage.

File formal complaints about employee behavior or "word of mouth" policies that are not in writing.


Oklahoma Rural Water Association
Gene Whatley

1410 SE 15th St.

P.O. Box 95349
Oklahoma City, OK  73143
(405) 672-8925; Fax: (405) 672 9898

DEQ Enviro Complaints & Local Serv. Div.
Patricia Hoyle, Senior Specialist
1313 W. Ash Ave., Suite #106
Duncan, OK  73533
(580) 255-6068
Fax: (580) 255-6075

Complaints Hotline: 1-800-522-0206

Report EPA violations or poor water quality.


DEQ Water Quality Division
P. O. Box 1677
707 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677


For copies of the water test results,
send an FOIA request letter to this State office.

USDA Rural Development Office
Ronnie Jones
806 West 11th Street
Hobart, OK 73651
(580) 726-3347 Ext. 4

Grants and loans

District #3 County Commissioner

Jack Porter

4248 County St. 2820

Rush Springs, OK  73082

(580) 476-3577


Federal Agencies

US Environmental Protection Agency
Water Resource Center (RC-4100)
401 M Street SW
Washington, DC  20460

Safe Drinking Water Hotline: 1-800-426-4791


Internal Revenue Service
EO Classification, 4910 DAL
Exempt Organizations Specialist
Colleen Lawson/75-14382
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75242
(214) 413-5469

File formal complaints against the Water Board for financial irregularities or violations of non-profit activity, send a letter with evidence to this Federal office.

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