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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Town Meetings


Town meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise posted.

Agendas are posted on the door of the Community Building 24 hours before the meeting.


7:00pm at the Community Building

322 McKee Street

(405) 462-7595


View annual meeting schedule


Form of Government and Elections

Bradley is ruled by a Town Board of Trustees form of government.  There are three board members and a town clerk.  There are no wards.  Persons are elected at large for general board positions or clerk.  The three board members then decide amongst themselves who will be the Chairperson.  Who holds the position of Chairperson can change at any time.  The Town Clerk is currently the only paid elected position which earns $500/year.  This is a consolidated position which combines the duties of clerk with those of secretary and treasurer. The other three board members make decisions and head projects to benefit the town.  They are also responsible for grant applications and speaking with other political dignitaries. 

The town's general elections are held on the 1st Tuesday in April every odd-numbered year.  Election results are not filed with the County Election Board.  All Trustees and the Clerk serve four year terms.  Voting is conducted at the Community Building at 7pm. View the 2011 Election Calendar.  The next election will be for positions #2 and #3.


Board Members


Donna Thornburg, Position #1--Chairperson

P. O. Box 11

Bradley, OK  73011-0011

Miranda Beverly, Position #2

Darin Johnston, Position #3 (405) 462-7418

Charlene Brown, Town Clerk (405) 462-7581

P. O. Box 54

Bradley, OK  73011

Municipal Employees

Juanita Harrington (Havens) (405) 462-7595
--Community Building Maintenance, Social Gathering Coordinator, Cook

Current Projects


REAP Awards

Community Building Use

After-funeral gatherings are hosted by the town free of charge.  There is a $25 deposit, plus $5.00 per hour to rent the Community Building for parties, wedding receptions, etc. 

The following rules must be observed for rentals:

  • No Smoking, No Alcoholic Beverages, No Firearms!

  • Do not sit on tables

  • Clean and replace tables and chairs after use

  • Return other people's property, if used

  • Wash dishes and clean kitchen, if used

  • Clean restroom and toilet

  • Vacuum carpet, sweep and mop floor

  • Empty trash

  • Pick up trash on grounds

  • Empty cigarette butt cans, if full

If all the above chores are performed, the deposit will be refunded.  Otherwise, the deposit will be retained and used for cleaning expenses.

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