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Bradley Volunteer Fire Department

Bradley Volunteer Fire Department

Located at the North East corner of McKee and Parker

Watches, Warnings, & Advisories

Attention All Visitors!

If we are under a burn ban,
there can be no fires of any kind, no exceptions!

Do not burn trash, brush, or grass!
Do not use a welder or cutting torch outdoors!
Do not barbecue, smoke meat, or fry turkeys outdoors!
Do not light fireworks!
Do not discard cigarettes on the ground, especially from a moving motor vehicle!

To report a motorist for discarding lit cigarettes, get the tag number and call the Arson Hotline 1-800-522-8666

People who set fires either by accident or by arson are being charged for their crimes. There is NO EXCUSE for willfully violating a burn ban!

Anyone needing hay to feed livestock should click on one of the following directories provided by the Department of Agriculture:

Out-of-State PDF HTML

Wild Fire Assistance

Due to the recent outbreak of wildfires, all rural fire departments are in desperate need of volunteers. Any person who is under 45 years of age, in good physical condition and can attend a basic fire training class may be eligible to join. If you would like to volunteer, please contact:

Dale Thompson, 405-222-2339
Grady County Fire Service
315 W. Pennsylvania
Chickasha, OK 73018

Volunteer Firefighters



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